Let's explore a book written in a month together!

Once upon a time, Jeff wrote a book in one month. Now he plans to read it, chapter by chapter with commentary, for everyone to enjoy! He'll critique spelling and typos, identify gaping plot holes, and ridicule the awkward dialog he incorporated into this work of literature. Come along for the exciting journey into a fantasy world riddled with grammar errors!

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Powerless Chapter 24


I read chapter 24 of Powerless, a book I wrote in a month. Margaux and Henry meet some characters that possibly introduce additional diversity to this cinematic universe. Henry expresses disappointment that their new companions are not into fighting and other bro-like activities and professions. Margaux gets pretty bossy with everyone, and Henry calls her out. I solicit suggestions for limiting my slouching during work hours. Discussion questions end another exciting episode that at least makes passing references to magic.



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Don't worry!  All versions have all the typos, spelling errors, and sentence fragments one would expect from a hastily written book!